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We provide accountancy and taxation services for small to medium sized businesses, in addition we can offer much more including the ability to be your financial business partner of choice.

Did you know that a lot of people assume their accountant has dealt with these Tax Savings for them to ensure that you truly are only paying the tax they should? However, as with everything, some can slip through the cracks or, if regular accounting reviews don't happen, large savings can be missed out on. Check these 5 tips below to see if there are any that apply to you. Remember, we offer a free initial consultation if you'd like to talk about any in more depth.

Tip No.1: Claiming allowances on commercial property

You'll know if you have claimed your allowances on your commercial property because you'll have had to engage a surveyor after the purchase in order to claim up to 25% of the value of the property at purchase. If a surveyor wasn't engaged, there's a good chance you haven't claimed this back.

Tip No.2: Thinking about investing in an electric car?

Hold off until the next budget of April 2020! The chancellor's proposal is that it will be 0% benefit in kind on fully electric cars, as opposed to the 37% charged on non-electric / standard fuel and hybrid cars.

Read the blog on residential property / joint income

Tip No.3: Annual exemption allowance

Christmas has just gone and most companies will have taken advantage of the £150 (including VAT) per employee tax free allowance for annual celebrations; however some people still don't know how to take advantage or what the restrictions are.

Tip No.4: Trivial benefits for employees

Since 2016, you can claim up to £50 worth of vouchers per transaction through the business to give to employees. This is limited for directors up to £300 annually (i.e. 6 transactions of £50) and is unlimited annually for employees.

If all the right boxes are ticked, they can be claimed against corporation tax and could mean a worthwhile investment in your employees' goodwill.

Tip No.5: Claim your home office as an expense to your Limited company

While use of an office at home can be claimed as an expense as a self-employed person, for a director, the rules are slightly different. If you'd like to take advantage of this for your Limited company, speak to your accountant about licence agreements and creating the legal framework for your company to rent the office from you...

Tip No.6: Investments and reducing a huge large tax bill

EIS (Enterprise Investment Schemes) and SEI (Seed Enterprise Investment) is a win-win situation for a lot of companies and investors. With up to 50% tax relief on up to £150k and 30% tax relief on up to £1million of investment, high earners can defer their capital gains tax and even carry the relief back to the previous year. So, if you know someone with a large tax bill looming, this can be the perfect way to reduce their bill and invest in a fantastic company with solid growth plans.

Contact us for your free initial consultation and find out more about these tax savings for yourself.

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Why Certax

We are confident in our ability to help you, we have a unique setup as a local accountant that can access a range of specialist experts who can assist us in any situation that we will encounter. We continue to build a strong reputation for providing a market leading first-class service by offering excellent advice to our business and personal clients alike.

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Our initial consultation is free, we can meet you at a time and location that is suitable for your business routine. We will listen to your requirements and make recommendations for the best way forward for your unique circumstances. The personalised Certax experience means that we can offer you the accountancy services you need, with an expertise that you will come to rely on and trust for many years to come.

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